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The Ultimate David Bowie Tribute Act 

The Bowie Legacy is a respectful tribute to the iconic music that Bowie left to the world. No tricks, no gimmicks, this is simply an unmissable David Bowie tribute for discerning Bowie fans worldwide. The stunning performance is an authentic vocal tribute to and visual likeness of our hero ensuring that Bowie lovers everywhere can celebrate his music with this world-class tribute act.

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David Bowie Tribute

Lead singer Tarquin is a long-time admirer of Bowie’s work and has incorporated his experience within the entertainment world to become one of the most authentic David Bowie tributes in the UK. Tarquin’s vocal talents have been posted on Bowie’s website where fans have been unable to tell who is the real voice. With a repertoire that includes all the Bowie hits from Ashes to Ashes to Ziggy Stardust, it's little surprise that the Bowie Legacy show has become such a widely acclaimed act as both a solo tribute and a live band.

Our Tribute To David Bowie

January 10th, 2016 was a significant day for so many of us and losing Bowie was like losing a family member. The world stopped, mourned and grieved. Whilst remembering the moments that he touched our lives we are thankful for the unforgettable music that our hero left behind. To have such a catalogue of unique vision and sound to remember him by is a comfort. We celebrate over fifty years of his expressions through art, songwriting, fashion and words and revel in his inspiration and reflections.

Thank you David Bowie. 8 January 1947 – 10 January 2016.

David Bowie Tribute

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